About GK Books Inc.

GK Books Inc. began publishing books in early 2019. The books that we offer have a very unique format of part song, part picture book, and part education and learning resource. The books are designed to grow with a child by providing so many ways to enjoy and learn. They are fun to read and sing with your infants and toddlers while still engaging for older children learning to read. Some of the activities that you can share with your child are listed in the “Things to Do” page in the book and in the website.

About Grandpa Krogstad

Hi! I’m Grandpa Krogstad. I have five children and seven grandchildren. I started writing books for my grandchildren to share my love of music and nature with them. Each book is dedicated to one of my grandchildren. Many of the songs are adapted from songs that I made up at bedtime when putting my children to bed. The stories are based on experiences that I had as a child. I hope my songs and books help you and your children to learn more about the amazing animals in our world!