Going Whale Watching

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Going Whale Watching

This is the fourth picture book in the series. A young boy is going on a whale watching tour boat with his family. He is very excited about going to see the whales. Along the way, he sees many wonderful marine animals. Finally, the whales are breaching, jumping, and just having fun! The book is based on a song and includes the sheet music following the picture book text. The book features marine animals that could be seen in a whale watching tour. The book includes learning pages that use infographics to present many fun facts about these marine animals.

Hear the book put to music!

Going Whale Watching - Part 1
A fun song for kids to sing! The video for "Going Whale Watching " plays the song and shows the corresponding images from the book.

Things To Do

  • Read the story to your child and talk about the pictures or follow along while listening to the song using the link above.
  • Look for the “Little Bug” throughout the pages of the book.
  • Learn the names of the animals pictured in the reference pages and locate them within the illustrations.
  • Spend time going through the learning pages with your child and talk about what you learned. Discuss the differences between seals and sea lions, the differences between toothed and baleen whales, and many other fun facts.
  • Encourage older children to further their knowledge of the featured animals and other marine wildlife by using the sources cited in the links below.
  • Inspire musically inclined children to play the song using the sheet music provided.

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