Where Did The Monkeys Go?

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Where Did The Monkeys Go?

This is the third book in the series. The boy in the story really wants to see the monkeys at the zoo but is having trouble finding them. It is based outings to the zoo with my family when I was a child. I remember feeling sad when we could not find the animals that we were hoping to see and then feeling excited when we found where they we hiding. The book features primates, which are illustrated in the book and described in the learning pages. Monkeys and apes are fascinating and highly intelligent. I hope you have fun singing the song and learning about primates!

Hear the book put to music!

Where Did the Monkeys Go? - Part 1
A fun song for kids to sing! The video for "Where Did the Monkeys Go?" plays the song and shows the corresponding images from the book.

Things To Do

  • Read the story to your child and talk about the pictures or follow along while listening to the song using the link above.
  • Find the “Little Bug” on each page of the book and challenge your child to count the total number of animals on each page.
  • Learn the names of the animals pictured in the learning pages of the book and locate them within the illustrations.
  • Discuss the difference between the classes of featured animals in the book: fish, reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians, and crustaceans
  • Read the learning pages to your child and talk about what you have learned.
  • Encourage older children to study the featured animals using the learning pages and then to further their understanding using the sources cited in the links above.
  • Inspire musically inclined children to play the song using the sheet music provided.

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